Itinerary web service Shiorisu

What is a Shiorisu?

Shiorisu is the web service with which a travel guide can be made.
There is a template and it can be made fashionably.

You can make a itinerary.

itinerary web service

Easily, you can make a guidebook with smart phone.The download of an application is unnecessary.



This service can be used for free of charge.

shared easily


You can share this URL easily for my travel company.
It’s useful to use Shiorisu when you’re going on a trip to keep track of your journey.

Shiorisu how to use?

A schedule of travel is input.

Input is easy with your smartphone or computer.
* A template is chosen.
* A journey is input.
* Belongings are input.
* The place where you go is input.



You can share your travel bookmarks with your buddies at the URL.
This is what’s called a digital version of a travel bookmark.

A lot of use cases

There are a lot of use cases for this.
For example..

* Family vacation
* Friend and travel
* Company outing
* Trip alone
* Group tour
you can use etc…

Use Cases

I used it when I traveled to Japan!

I used this service to keep track of my schedule when I travel to Japan. It was beautifully designed and easy to make! And I love the fact that you can insert pictures! It can also share your travel bookmarks via URL.
user travel brochure

It's easy to make a fancy travel itinerary!

I used it when I traveled to Tokyo and Kyoto! Since there were eight of us going on the trip, it was very handy to share our travel plans!
Travel Guides user

Travel bookmarks make traveling a hundred times more fun!

I really enjoy making travel bookmarks. I love that this service doesn't require you to download the app, you can make it in your browser!